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Club Constitution

The club shall be called the Deben Archery Club.

  1. The objects of the club shall be the promotion and encouragement of archery in all its forms, other than hunting and cross bows.
  2. The shooting regulations as prescribed in the GNAS/EFAA rules shall govern the relevant branches of archery.
  3. The business of the club will be conducted by a committee to consist of:
    • Chairman
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • And at least one General member
  4. The committee will be elected to service for one year at the annual general meeting.
  5. The committee may appoint sub-committee's and delegate powers within defined limit.
  6. Membership shall consist of:
    • Senior = over 18 years
    • Junior = until 18th birthday.

8.       Subscriptions will be set annually at the AGM and are due by 1 October. Membership not renewed by 1 January will be considered to be terminated. Members will be required to join GNAS, ECAA and SCAS.

  1. New members must be sponsored by two full members and approved by the committee. A member may invite one guest to shoot provided the guest is a member of an affiliated archery organisation. The member will be responsible for the guests conduct.
  2. The annual general meeting shall be held by the end of September not less than 28 days notice shall be sent to each member.
  3. Extraordinary general meeting. The committee or at the request of three or more members shall call an extraordinary meeting. Not less than 14 days notice together with any proposition to be moved, shall be sent to all members.
  1. Quorum. At General meetings 25% of members form a quorum. For committee three (3) members shall form a quorum. Each member shall be entitled to one vote. The Chairman, if required, shall be entitled to an additional casting vote. In case of emergency the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Records Office, or any three of these shall together have power to act.
  1. A bank account shall be maintained in the Club's name. All cheques to be signed by two officers.
  1. The Treasurer will prepare a statement of accounts showing the financial position of the Club as at 1 September. This statement to be audited by a General member. A copy of the statement to be supplied to each member at the AGM.
  1. The Committee may suspend any member guilty of misconduct, such suspension to commence from the date of written notice by the Secretary and to continue until rescinded by the committee or by appeal at the next AGM. There will be no refund of subscription.
  1. The Club will endeavour to obtain the use of practice grounds and premises for field and target archery. The use of which is at all times to have regard for the safety of the public and archers in accordance with GNAS rules.
  1. The addresses and times of meetings of above places to be recorded in Club minutes and distributed to all members.
  1. The postal address of the Club shall be that of the secretary for the time being.
  2. The constitution of the Club shall not be altered or amended except at the AGM or at an Extraordinary General Meeting. Members wishing to move a proposition designed to alter or amend the constitution shall submit such proposition to the secretary 28 days before the general meeting at which such proposition is to be considered.

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