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Deben Archery Club has decided not to run dedicated J:DAC sessions, as they have done in previous years, but to integrate Juniors with the rest of the members shooting.

Within Deben Archery Club there are three age categories:-

·         Young Junior (Junior School) – 7 to 11 year olds

·         Older Junior (High School) – 11 to 17 year olds

·         Senior (Adult) – 18+

And the age of the archer determines how they can shoot with the club

A Junior member of Deben Archery Club can attend any club session advertised on the Website, however all Juniors must have two levels of supervision whenever they are shooting.

Welfare Supervision Look after the Junior for all aspects apart from Archery, ensure they are safe while on the Deben Archery Site, This person is there to ensure the Junior is treated correctly while at the club. [Acting in Loco Parentis]

Archery Supervision Ensure the Junior Shoots Safely and understands the rule and procedures of archery.

Age Group

Welfare Supervision

Archery Supervision




Young Junior

Shooting Parent or Guardian

This means the Young Junior is fully under the supervision of an Adult Member of the Club who is providing both Welfare and Archery Supervision

Where only the shooting  Parent and Young Junior are present, they should take turns shooting under rule 301 (The Adult is treated as shooting alone)


Older Junior

Parent / Guardian

Senior Member of Deben Archery

This means a Junior is able to shoot at the club when other Adult members are present. And the Parent present does not need have any archery knowledge.

Where the Parent / Guardian is also a shooting Deben Members they can act as both Welfare and Archery Supervision, but they should not be shooting themselves if under rule 301

If an ArcheryGB qualified Coach offers to carryout both roles then a Older Junior can attend a session without the need for a parent to stay

Summary of Junior opportunities to shoot with Deben Archery club

By implementing this system High School Age Juniors can shoot alongside the rest of the club after completing a beginners course, with a parent or guardian present.

Younger Juniors can shoot only with a parent or guardian (Deben Member) supervising them the whole time at the club.


Join Deben Archery Club - Adult member of Deben Archery Club can introduce their own children or related children to the club over an extended number of sessions (with Coach support) rather than a formal beginners course.

You can attend the beginners course together, where you will learn alongside your child (for a special price) and then after the course you both join Deben Archery Club and you need to be in attendance whenever you child shoots until they reach high-school age. Not all begineers course are suitable for young Juniors (contact club for more details)

The only way they can shoot without parent or guadrian present is if you have made a prior arrangement with an ArcheryGB Coach for them to take full responsability for the Junior for the Archery Session.

If you can find another Deben Member who will act in your stead, as Archery and Welfare Supervision then that person can supervise your child, apart from that no you need to be supervising.

It maybe that some Coaches or Members at the club are happy to provide the Archery Supervision if you arrange a different (non-shooting) Parent or Guardian.

In the eyes of ArcheryGB anyone under 18 is a Junior and that means it places special restrictions on the club when they are shooting, the club complies with these restrictions by having the welfare supervision responsability remain with the parent or guardian.

Deben Archery club has a lot of target bosses, both competiton, 3D Animal and small practise targets, which means members including Juniors can shoot at different distances and target types. It could be all the 11-13 year olds in the club are shooting on the same 20m target, but it could also be they are sharing the target with Adult members of the club.  Remember Younger Juniors always need to shoot on the same target as their shooting parent, or the shooting parent need to not shot at the same time.

Within the club there are informal competitons and progression badges, and monthly postal competitions which juniors are welcome to put a score in for.  There are also special postal competitions for Junior Age Groups, which the club can enter if it has enough for a team.  External to the club, as a member of ArcheryGB, there are real tournements held around the county and beyond, which have junior catagories.

The deal is aimed as 7-11 year olds learning with there parents, but the discount can apply for children up to 13. Older Juniors and Parents learning together can ask about special rates, which will be based on how full the course is.

On a begineers course with 7-11 year olds we think it needs to be one child and one parent, within the club you can supervise as many of your children as you think you can safely cope with, but if no-one else is present then each Junior shoot one at a time.

We suggest you learn Archery :-)

The Published Club Meets will always have Adult Deben Members Present, however if you need to check then the clubs WhatsApp group is there to ask who is going to be there and of they are happy to be the Archery Supervision.

Deben Archery Club will always endevor to have a Coach or Senior Responable Archer Present at all Sunday Morning Club Meets, so that is safest bet when shooting.

Deben Archery Club can lend your Junior equipment as they begin archery can can advise on purchase of their own equipment once they progress further.

The dedicated sessions for Juniors on Saturday Mornings, became impossible with the number of Junior Archers being very variable every week and the need for 2 Coaches to alway be present.

The Club Still have a Venue Winter and Summer on Saturday Mornings which is there for any Deben Archery Member to Shoot, if it saw a larger group of regular juniors attend, then coaches could be arranged to run Junior coaching alongside the normal shooting.

The Issue J:DAC has is that is needs Adult Help to run and that help needs to be trained and qualified as ArcheryGB Coaches (Costs the club £200 per person), at our peak we had 5 Junior Parents qualified as coaches plus 2-3 Club Coaches  on a rota to run J:DAC weekly, but as the coach's children left J:DAC to either join the main club or to stop archery, so the parents stopped going on the Rota.