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Next Sessions: only if you are able to book a slot
??? Jan 2021
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Junior: Deben Archery Club (JDAC) runs weekly sessions in Ipswich every Saturday
Please check emails/Whats App Broadcast list (if you don't get these tell a coach or email us) for cancellations due to weather or coach emergencies.

JDAC: Please Suspend paying monthly fees for now or change them to 1p if it's tricky to start and stop them
The Tie 4 restrictions only permit outdoors archery. Whilst we do have use of the showground it does make make archery weather dependent over the coming whilst we are under these restrictions.
We think the Tier 4 restrictions (or ones very similar) are likely to be around for the next 2-3 months.
We've a more transmittable variant of the virus, the predictions on the vaccination programme, are predicting "most vulnerable people vaccinated by Easter", which leaves continuing lockdowns as the main weapon in the governments arsenal for the immediate future.

We therefore think the sensible thing to assume is that we won't be able to hold normal JDAC sessions until the start of the usual outdoor season, around the start of April.

During the first lockdown, most members continued to pay their monthly subscriptions, and we offered a rebate once it was clear what was happening.
This time we think the easiest thing to do is to ask all JDAC members to suspend paying the monthly fees (or change it to 1 pence), until we know we can reliably restart shooing again.
That will save us a lot of administrative effort in offering another rebate, and the hassle of cheques, to pay the money back into your accounts.

Whilst suspending paying fees, you are still members of the club and ArcheryGB, so if the opportunity does occasionally arise for some shooting at the showground you would still be insured to shoot if a senior member is there. We will look to see what we can do adhoc given weather / coach availability using WhatsApp

Take care and keep excercising those archery muscles
JDAC coaches

LOCATION Details, The arena is one of the buildings at the Orwell Arena , Bridge Rd, Levington, Ipswich IP10 0NE
This post code should now get you closer, coming from Felixstowe Road, just over the bridge is a sign on the left for Bridge Farm and then Evergeen. Take this turn, keep going forward and it's down a long track with various potholes Google map.
If you use 'What 3 words' then the location is "popular unzipped sprawls"

For further info please use the following email to contact JDAC juniordeben@gmail.com add our email to your address book so we don't get junked! Or use Facebook

Please complete and sign the membership form and bring this with you to the session you are invited to.

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