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Score Sheet [Updated in 2014 with new awards]


The “252” award is a recognition of an archer’s ability to score 252 points (or more) at a variety of distances, over three dozen arrows. It is an award scheme in use at many archery clubs in the UK, and applies to all archers, irrespective of age, ability or bow type. The 252 number is a generic handicap standard score.


The Rules:

  • Twelve sighters to be followed immediately by three dozen scored arrows, to be shot at a distance of the archers choosing, with a score of 252 or greater to be achieved to qualify for the Award (maximum score = 324)
  • In the interests of consistency, for Seniors a score of 252+ needs to be achieved twice (scores to be on different days) to qualify for the Award. Juniors (under 18 at the time the round is shot) need only submit one qualifying score to achieve the Award
  • The score must be witnessed by a member of Deben Archery Club, either Junior or Senior
  • Scores to be submitted to the Deben AC’s Records Officer or another member of the committee as soon as possible after achieving the score
  • Scoring format is Imperial and therefore a 122cm face must be used. A scoring guide is below

  • A score can be submitted if the three dozen was the first part (after sighters) of a recognized scored round; evidence of the score must be submitted
  • The Award can only be gained once per archer for shooting with any of the following: Recurve Freestyle Bow, Barebow or Compound Bow. A second Award can be claimed if shot with a Longbow.
  • You are unable to shoot shorter distances than your last claim. All future scores must be for a bigger distance -this is a progress Award.
  • Scores will be held by the Records Officer and added to the Club 252 Awards list which includes a Hall of Fame for highest scores set by Juniors and Seniors with the different bow types


  • Once presented, badges must be proudly displayed on the quiver (or similar)! Good luck!