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Within the Club we have members that are qualified as ArcheryGB Coaches:-

Senior Coach (National Level Performance Coach)


Level 3 - County Coach (Performance Coaching)

  Anna Heaven - Studying to be a Senior Coach, and is a qualified Coach Educator.


Level 2 - Club Coach (Deliver Adhoc Coaching and Intermediate Courses)

  • Steve Davis







Adrian Heaven







Level 1 - Club Coach (Typically Run Begineers Course and JDAC sessions)



Trevor Fitchett




  • Neil Wilkin
  • Hannah Wilkin
  • Ian Neil

Occational Coaches (Level 1 and 2)

          - Factors Limited the amount of Club Coaching they perform.

  • Stuart Ross - Performance Coach to Junior Elite Team

  • Richard Willoughby - Occational Coach

  • Tony Quinton - Performance Coach to Roman Quniton

  • Andrew ‘Urmy’ Urmston - Retired from Coaching
  • Phil Wyeth - Performance Coach to Monty Wyeth