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Within the Club we have members that are qualified as ArcheryGB Coaches:-

Senior Coach (National Level Performance Coach)

Senior coaches also work with performance archers though to a much higher level. Senior coaches are also responsible for evaluating and overseeing longer term coaching initiatives at county, regional and national level.


     Anna Heaven - Senior Coach, and is a qualified Coach Educator.


Level 3 - County Coach (Performance Coaching)

County coaches are trained to work with performance archers. They design and implement annual training programmes incorporating wider aspects of sport development e.g. mental and physical training.

Level 2 - Club Coach (Deliver Ad hoc Coaching and Intermediate Courses)

L2 coaches are programme coaches qualified to plan and run a series of linked sessions. They are trained to work with club archers to take them from novice level (e.g. just finished a beginners course) up to a good intermediate club level. 

       Steve Davis  


  Adrian Heaven


Level 1 - Club Coach (Typically Run Beginners Course)

L1 coaches are session coaches qualified to plan and run individual sessions for beginners or novice archers.

   Trevor Fitchett 

Hannah Wilkin

Iain Neil

Pauline Burrell-Saward