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The “300” award is a recognition of an archer’s ability to score 300 points (or more) at a set distance (20 yards), over var5ing amount of arrows on different size faces. It is an award scheme in use at many archery clubs in the UK (We thank Blue Arrows for the idea).  The best features of the award scheme is that it can be shot with the limitation the indoor season offers and it has a hanicapping scheme that recognises the challenages different bow styles experince. At the heart of the scheme is the handicapping table below

Badge Face Size Number of Arrows
Recurve Compound Longbow Barebow
RED 122cm 36 36 45 42
YELLOW 80cm 36 36 45 42
GREEN 60cm 36 36 45 42
BLUE 60cm 34 33 42 39
PURPLE 40cm 34 33 45 42
GOLD 40cm 33 32 42 39


As can be seen in the table the face you use changes as you move up the awards, as does the number of arrows you get for each bow style.


The Rules:

  • All rounds shot at 20yds indoors or outdoors
  • Metric, 10-zone scoring (Inner Ten when shooting compound bow)
  • 6 Sighters to be followed immediately by three dozen scored arrows (in sets for three).
  • Scored arrows must be shot consecutively (in sets of three).
  • Awards can be claimed in any order sequence, but you can’t go backwards on the same style
  • Members holding Portsmouth 525 badges are only entitled to claim Blue or above in that style.
  • Scores need to be achieved twice to qualify for the award.
  • Qualifying scores for a given award for the same bow type may be shot on the same or different day.
  • Qualifying scores for a given award for different bow types may be shot on the same or different day.
  • To make an award claim, two signed, dated and witnessed score sheets need to be scanned or photographed and submitted to
  • By taking part in this competition you give permission for your name to be published on the club website alongside the level you have achieved.


  • Once presented, badges must be proudly displayed on the quiver (or similar)! Good luck!