Deben Archery Club

Archery for All, Young or Old..

Deben Archery Club Badge

Club Rules

  1. Please direct any questions about these rules to the Club Secretary.  
  2. All members agree to the conditions of the Memorandum, Articles and Laws of the Grand National Archery Society and to abide by the rules of shooting
  3. All archers will use an officially marked shooting line.
  4. Always retire from the line when not shooting.
  5. Never talk to a person who is shooting.
  6. Try to use the same target each time.
  7.  Indoors an end consists of 3 arrows only, unless shooting a Worcester round.
  8.  If the line becomes overcrowded, 2 separate details will be formed and archers will shoot alternately.
  9. Never touch any persons equipment without their permission.
  10. Never walk in front of the shooting line unless the all clear has been given.
  11. When setting up or taking down equipment always do so behind the shooting line.
  12. Help should be given by all members to set up and take down equipment and targets at each practice evening.
  13. Smoking is not allowed at indoor venues. Care should be taken when smoking outside.
  14. All members must keep the hall and store cupboard clean and tidy.
  15. Warning signs must be displayed whilst shooting is in progress at the outdoor venue.
  16. All venue specific problems or suggestions must be reported to as soon as possible.
  17. With the exception of cars entering and leaving the venue the main gate must remain shut and locked at all times.
  18. The combinations to the gate and container must remain strictly confidential.
  19. Vehicular damage to the field, especially on entry and exit, must be kept to a minimum.
  20. Bosses must not be left in the same place for long periods causing damage to the field (equipment officers).
  21. No obstructions must be left on the field, with the exception of the bosses, that might cause damage to the lawnmower.
  22. Junior members must be accompanied by two adults, one of whom must be a club and GNAS Member.
  23. Adult Members are permitted to shoot alone but must ensure rule 14 is strictly applied.
  24. No unauthorised photography.